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Board with Walking

Professional & friendly services to delight your dog


Licensed for boarding by West Oxfordshire District Council
License number W/19/00532/ANIMAL

We are a husband-and-wife team doing what we love, providing service to others by offering reliable and trustworthy care for your best friend - your four-legged canine member of the family. Wendy manages the day-to-day service and logistics whilst Simon balances the books and helps out evenings and weekends. It is a delight to meet a variety of dogs and to gain their trust, to learn their characteristics and see each one enjoy themselves just as much as we enjoy being in the great outdoors.

We both grew up with dogs and as we started our own family unit, have had the pleasure of continuing to bless the family with more canine friends. Winston our black lab is sadly missed, and Kenzo our current delight, is a Springer Spaniel keeping us very much on our toes.

Our son and daughter play a valuable, but now part-time, role in the house to complete the family ambience.

Our character, patience, love & joy are founded in Jesus Christ. We are active members of our local church, and we're privileged to work within God’s creation.

If you’d like to take some daily inspiration, try `Paws for thought`.

We are concerned for the wider global community, and commit to giving away £1 in every £10 income. We have two sponsored children in Haiti who are supported through the work of the local church, backed-up by Compassion UK. Our donations help the individual and their family. We also support ‘Sports friends’ who take the gospel to remote areas of the world, and help to turn neighbourhoods around from despair to hope, through setting up sports coaching and thereby getting alongside members of the community.


I set up Wendy’s Dog Walking Services in October 2011, and have not looked back. Since having a family my priority has been to fit work around family life and the school timetable. To be able to combine family life, enjoyment of the outdoors, physical exercise, and my love of dogs has been a perfect match; even when the weather is cold and wet, and the fields thick with mud, I would still rather be outdoors walking dogs than inside!

My professional background pre-children is in Customer and Operational Services; the skills I developed there remain with me in our current venture.

In March 2020 I successfully completed a Dog First Aid course (certificate), an extremely enlightening and useful course which has equipped me with skills and knowledge to respond to emergency canine situations.

In June 2018 I attended the national dog behaviour conference run by Victoria Stillwell (certificate). It was a very interesting weekend packed full of really useful information that I have been able to bring back into our daily work, benefitting us and our four-legged friends.


Since leaving the city lights, smart office-wear, and rather too much deskbound activity behind at the end of 2016, I have relished running our family business with Wendy. I always supported her dog walking, and it is a pleasure to share that side of the business and to have developed home boarding together. I too love dogs, and being located in Long Hanborough we enjoy the wonderful surrounding countryside with many four-legged friends. Another huge plus was being able to spend more time with our children, as the commute is somewhat shorter!

My background in Customer Service and Operational Management, and rigour in controlling cost and efficiencies in process, helped us to define the business as you witness it today. However with uncertainties resulting from Covid19 and being presented with a great opportunity to work full time as Retail Manager at Oxford Wood Recycling means that I am now only partially involved in Board with Walking.

In May 2020 I attended the same Dog First Aid course (certificate) that Wendy did earlier in the year, so that I am equally able to give the best care in a situation that we hope will be rare.